Eureka Springs is a city in Arkansas. This luxurious city is home to a lot of rescued big cats and bears that is also one of the most popular attractions in the city. It is also known for its preserved Victorian buildings that are located in the Historic Downtown. So just in case Eureka Springs is not yet in your bucket list, then you might consider adding it onto your list and start a wonderful trip in this beautiful city in Arkansas.

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Best Things to do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

1. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Photo by janeLLoyd Nichols CC BY-ND 2.0

If you’re the type of person who admires the feline family or just simply a cat lover, then you might want to go to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is a wildlife refuge for abused, or abandoned big cats such as lions, cougars, leopards, tigers, and other animals like bears. This safari houses a least 100 exotic cats and other wildlife. Each animal has its own story which makes this tour more interesting and inspiring.

2. Thorncrown Chapel

Photo by Rubberducky53171 CC BY 2.0

This chapel was constructed in 1980. The unique architecture and features of Thorncrown Chapel made it won an architecture award in the same year that it was built. But that’s not the only thing that made this chapel interesting to visit. Its surroundings are very beautiful and serene that you’d feel relaxed and calm the moment you go here. This glass chapel in the woods surely is a must-visit.

3. Christ of the Ozarks

Photo by Balaji CC BY-ND 2.0

This statue of Jesus that stands 65.5 feet was built in 1967. Located at a mountain, the statue is in a peaceful setting and is really huge that it can be seen so easily. There are shops available in the area, a small chapel and a museum that you can visit if you want to.

4. Beaver Lake

Photo by twi$tbarbie CC BY-ND 2.0

The perfect place to spend with your family. Also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. You can do a lot of activities in Beaver lake such as swimming, fishing, boating, paddleboarding, cliff jumping or going on a picnic. Everyone would definitely enjoy going here! Plus the views are incredible too.

5. St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

Photo by Brad Holt CC BY 2.0

A catholic church located in a beautiful place. It is situated on a mountainside just next to the Crescent Hotel. The structure of this church is also one of the things you shouldn’t miss. The garden around it, the gift shop, the peaceful surroundings, everything in this place is a must-see.

6. Eureka Springs Historical Downtown

Photo by Clinton Steeds CC BY 2.0

This Historical Downtown in Eureka Springs is surely a must-visit. Tons of shops, restaurants, and cafes can be found here. The streets can be narrow but passable, the architecture of the buildings is really awesome! This place deserves a short visit especially if you want to just relax, eat or buy something as a souvenir or a present.

7. Intrigue Theater

Considered one of the top-rated attractions in Eureka Springs, Intrigue Theater is the place for people who want to try something new and unique. When you go here, you’d get to experience traveling back to the Victorian Age. The amazing and magical show would really excite you. Entertainers or illusionists also make sure to have an up-close interaction with their audience which makes this experience more memorable! You shouldn’t miss this one when you’re in Eureka Springs.

8. Blue Spring Heritage Center

Photo by Jack Gray CC BY 2.0

This privately owned tourist attraction in Arkansas features native plants and hardwood trees. With the gorgeous and peaceful surroundings, this place is ideal for a nice walk, or just spending your time relaxing with your family, friends, or a partner. It also has an interesting history that you shouldn’t miss.

9. Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

Photo by e Kat CC0 1.0

If you want to have a meal in a beautiful setting, then this place is for you! Have your meal served on a train in Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway? But of course, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view if you want to. For people who love trains, or just interested in railroad history, then you shouldn’t miss this one out.

10. Basin Spring Park

An ideal place for people who are tired of the noise, the traffic, and the bustle in the city. There are a lot of benches available in the park that you can sit on and watch people. Of course, the surroundings are lovely and calm that you would really experience the peace of mind that you need. When you go here, don’t forget to bring your camera as this park is also very picturesque.

11. Quigley’s Castle

It is a historic house museum with unusual architecture. Aside from its unique structure, the story behind this house is also another reason for you not to miss this place. It is very neat and interesting, you shouldn’t miss this one out when you’re in Eureka Springs!

12. Quicksilver Gallery

High-quality and lovely jewelry can be found here in Quicksilver Gallery. So if you want to buy something for your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or even for yourself, you should head here, you’d surely love everything that you will see. They also have ceramics, yard art, and a lot more!

13. The Barn Shoppes

A shop that contains a variety of crafts and antiques. So if you want to see unique antiques, then you can have a short stop in this shop. The area is also clean, so it is really worth it to visit here.

14. Zarks-A Fine Design Gallery

A gallery that displays paintings, pottery, blown glass & fine jewelry. All the arts are made by local artists and would really capture your eyes! If you decide to buy it, then that’s a good idea! Because the prices are reasonable enough for such beautiful work of arts.

15. Lake Leatherwood

Photo by Alfredo Carrillo CC BY 2.0

Have a relaxing afternoon in Lake Leatherwood. You can go swimming if you want to. People of all ages would really enjoy going here. There are picnic areas available. Kayaks and paddleboats are also available for rentals. If you want, you can also try hiking in the area. Really a perfect place for a family getaway.

16. Find accommodation in Eureka Springs, Askansas

Things to do with 3 days in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Photo by e Kat CC0 1.0

Day 1 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Thorncrown Chapel Have a relaxing first day in Thorncrown Chapel. A visit here is really worthy because this unique chapel is surrounded by trees that would really make you feel relaxed.

Day 2 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge No trip to Eureka Springs would be complete if you will not visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. You’d get to see hundreds of rescued exotic cats and other wildlife. Be closer to animals in this safari.

Day 3 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Beaver LakeOn your last day, it is recommended to go to Beaver Lake. Because in this lake, you can do a lot of activities such as swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, and a lot more. A nice and fun way to end your Eureka Springs trip!

Frequently Asked Questions about Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Photo by Eli BraudCC BY-ND 2.0

1. Is it safe to travel to Eureka Springs, Arkansas?

Eureka Springs is relatively safer than other cities in the United States. So crimes are not really common for tourists. However, it is still advisable to be mindful wherever you go.

2. When is the best time to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas?

Spring or fall might be the best time to visit Eureka Springs since the weather is really nice during this time and it can get humid during the summer season which is really uncomfortable.

3. How to get to Eureka Springs, Arkansas?

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) is one of the main airports you can choose to go to Eureka Springs. The travel time from the airport going to Eureka Springs is not too long and the view on the way is really beautiful.

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